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100 Jahre Internationaler Missionsrat. Bericht des deutschen Studienzentrums zum Jubiläum des Internationalen Missionsrates (IMC) hier downloadbar
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Denis Adufuli
Agnes Quansah
Niza Joy Santiago
Yifan Lu
Maraike Bangun
Hae Ung Chai
John Lalnuntluanga
"The Mission Academy is a special place where I can meet people from different cultures, countries and traditions. We get to know each other. I learn a lot about the history and tradition of the German church." (Yifan Lu, China)
"I believe this is what the global church needs - an exchange of stories and experiences, learning from each other to leave the colonial past behind. To find healing and celebrate our being, diversity and faith" (Niza Joy Santiago, Philippines).
"Through the interactions together, you not only shape others, but also have the opportunity to develop your own thoughts and ideas about life through living with diverse people from all over the world." (Hae-Ung Chai, Korea)
Donate for the Ansgar Foundation

Thank you very much for supporting the work of our Ansgar Foundation! You can choose in which way you want to donate. The director of studies is at your disposal for an information talk. We would be happy to arrange an appointment on site. Every donor is automatically invited to our summer party and newsletter.  

Our bank details:

Konto: Missionsakademie an der Uni HH/Ansgar-Stift
Bank:    Evangelische Bank
IBAN   DE02 5206 0410 0006 4071 10

Purpose of the Foundation

The Foundation was established in 1965 on the 1100th anniversary of Ansgar's death in the Hamburg City Hall to enable theologians to obtain doctoral scholarships at the University of Hamburg. Since then, over 100 lecturers from Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America have been sponsored to receive academic training as multipliers through the Mission Academy at the University of Hamburg. Your donation contributes to a reflective dialogue of cultures and strengthens the ecumenical network of worldwide Christianity.


Since 1965, the Ansgar Foundation has been supporting doctoral students from India, Ghana, China, Tanzania, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Samoa, Myanmar, the Philippines and many other countries of the South.
Support this unique network of global and intercultural exchange and make it future proof with your donation!  
Non-Profit status

The Foundation pursues exclusively and directly ecclesiastical and charitable purposes. A donation receipt will be sent to you automatically. We need your address for this.
Our projects
The Mission Academy exclusively awards doctoral scholarships to strengthen theological education at seminaries and faculties in the global South. It accompanies students in seminars and tutorials like a graduate college and works closely with the theology department of the University of Hamburg, as well as with the Evangelical Mission Agency and the Protestant Churches in Germany. At Pentecost and on the Sunday after Christmas, the scholarship holders organise the service in the Nienstedten church and are available for further information.
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