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100 Jahre Internationaler Missionsrat. Bericht des deutschen Studienzentrums zum Jubiläum des Internationalen Missionsrates (IMC) hier downloadbar
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Towards an Ecumenical Missiology
Band 1
Biehl / Hopp / Jahnel / Kisskalt / Stahl / Vellguth (Eds.)
Witnessing Christ
Contextual and Interconfessional Perspectives on Christology
Preis: EUR 29,00
How do Christological Perspectives differ and which specific ways of witnessing Christ exist depending on cultural, geographical and confessional context in which they developed? Theologians from Africa, Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, Oceania and Europe discuss these questions focussing on the missiological implications of various contextual Christologies. They aim to answer the question if contextual and confessional provenience coins the epistemological preconditions in a way that creates, shapes and secures peculiar identities.
Documentation of the Conference:
China and Africa
Perspectives of development cooperation/
the role of civil society and churches
27th to 29th of October 2021
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