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Scholarship holders in the Missionary Academy
Congratulations on the successful dissertation project
We congratulate Juan Esteban Londoño once again on the successful completion of
his dissertation this summer. The last phase on the way to defend his work wasstrongly
influenced by the changed situation caused by Covid-19. After position and prepare for the defense.
submitting his dissertation, he had flown to Colombia to accept a teaching The travel restrictions
would have made it impossible to appear in person for a long time, so the Bread for the
World scholarship holder and committed doctoral candidate (perhaps the first ever)
was allowed to defend digitally before the examination committee of
the Theological Faculty of the University of Hamburg. We are happy wrote with great
commitment in German. and proud that Esteban has successfully completed his
dissertation - which he Over the past few years he has worked systematically and in a literary
manner on the subject of “The Death of Jesus by Three Latin American Poets:
Hugo Mujica, Raúl Zurita and Pablo Montoya”. The publication will soon appear in the series Studies
on Intercultural Theology at passion as an author of poetry and prose, for his (interdisciplinary)
teaching activities at the Universidad the Mission Academy.
We wish him all the best and God's blessings for his Católica Luis Amigó in Colombia
and at the Universidad Bíblica Latinoamericana in Costa Rica and for his future life.
Doctoral Studies

The Missionary Academy awards scholarships to candidates from the countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. There are no deadlines for the application for a scholarship. Incoming inquiries are always examined and, if necessary, submitted to the Board of the Missionsakademie for a decision. The category of scholarships includes, on the one hand, the short-term scholarship, which covers a six-month stay in Hamburg. On the other hand, we offer a doctoral scholarship, which is granted for four to five and a half years, depending on the length of language acquisition
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